Rural Aid Kenya Foundation


Student details

Student name: Alex Kiema
Place of birth: CHULUNI - Kitui
Date of birth: 16-Nov-1996
Age: 27
Sex: Male

Alex is the 7th child of Mr. & Mrs. Godana Kiema of Chuluni Kitui county. Both parents are farmers. Since the rains here are not reliable, the family has undergone some doifficult times in edcuating their children. Alex performance in secondary school was affected by the aspect of being out of school due to school fees but managed to finish his secodnary edcuation. He joined Sunrise teachers College after ahving stayed at home for one year since his secodnary education completion. He is now undetaking a course in electrical engineering. He is partially sponsored by rual-Aid-kenya. Our NGO plays 50% of the total cost which is ksh 120,400 (Ksh 60,200). We appeal to well-wishers to kindly donate to help this student to his 50% contribution of ksh 60,200 plus his upkeep in college.